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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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bring us rain on wednesday so we will see few showers tuesday night but today is great, sunny, winds are light. no wind issues on monday either. >> great way to end the week. and that does it for us this morning. stay tune for fox news sunday and join us at 6:00 with the latest news and weather. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. two big states up for on next tuesday. it is the next big race for the republicans for president. mitt romney fights for his political life on the home turf of michigan as well as in arizona . we'll hear from the candidate fighting to regain his status for front runner. then one of the country's leading governors with an unmatched fiscal record. how would the man from indiana put people back to work. will pain at the pump be pain at
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the polls for president obama. how it will affect the presidential race and the power player of the week offering advendure on the internet all right now on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. on tuesday, voters go to the polls in michigan and arizona for what may be the most important primary day so far. joining us from flint, michigan is governor mitt romney who has a lot riding on both contest. and governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thanks, chris, good to be here again. >> chris: before we get in politicings, i want to and you about the latest crisis in afghanistan. nato forces are pulling out of all of the afghan ministries there because two top advisors
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were killed as part of the continuing furor over the burning of the quurn quurn. what does that say to you pulling our forces out of the ministry, what does that say to you 10 years after the war began and the nature of our aliiance. >> guest: it is an extraordinary measure of failure to establish the relationships that you have to have for a successful transition to the afghan military and afghan security leadership. i hope we will see improvement soon. it is obviously very dangerous and the transition effort is not going well as we would like to see it go. the effort is an important one and we want to see the afghan security troops to secure the country and bring our home. >> chris: do you oppose president obama's decision to pull out troops from afghanistan this year and what do you think of his earlier apology to the
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afghans for the burning of the quurn - quuren - kar, an. >> guest: it sticks in people's throat. we are losing thens of individuals through injury and death . we have helped to achieve their people fred freedom and to apologize like this is difficult for the american people to countenance. and they are announcing the with drawl date of the forces in the season. he should have waited for at least three months and the announcement is win the combat forces are with drawn and over . it is one thing to make them internally and another thing to announce them to afghanistan
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and. this is a mistake. the president made it more for the fighting men and women to be successful in afghanistan. >> chris: despite the killing in some cases inside killing of american soldiers, you would continue your commitment to winning the war in afghanistan? >> guest: what we want to do is transition afghanistan such that its own military and security forces can maintain the sovereignty from an attack on the. we don't want to see afghanistan return to a dominated nation with al-qaida and other training camps coming in the nation. that is a mission that is continuing and based on what we are seeing so foor we are not successful as we could be. the president didn't insure the election were fair and open. and announced a withdrawa made s
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out. the president made enormous errors in the conduct >> chris: four years ago you won michigan with four points over john mccane. you are barely beating rick santorum. why are you having a tough time locking up your home state against rick santorum? >> guest: i am proud of the fact i was born and raised in michigan. last time i ran here with senator mccane i tarted behind and earned every vote and 10 days ago. rass rass had me down 15 points in michigan and now it is tide or i am slightly ahead. i can fight hard and people as they focus on my campaign and my plan to get america working
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again and calls for dramatic changes in washington, those are things that people are warming to. i am making progress. >> chris: you don't have much time. the vote is tuesday. secondly will this go on until may? >> guest: i am planning on winning here in michigan and arizona. that will be huge for us if we have to come from so far behind here in michigan. we are planning on winning and the momentum is in the right direction. we cut the lead down and now tied. some polls show us more ahead than slightly. we'll see thatwhat happens in the remaining days. how long the process goes on it is hard to predict. we'll be willing to however long it takes to get it done. >> one problem in michigan, you
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opposed the bailout of chrysler and general motors. you say the companies went through bankruptcy which is what you advocated all along. and critics say there is a problem with that. let me point that out. with governor money. chrysler and gm went through reorganization that was faster and easier and without government money they would have gone through chapter 7 liquidation and that would cost thousands of yobs and critics say one of the reasons they needed government money private companies refused to give them money including your old company bain capitol. >> guest: i know the obama people are pushing that story hard. going back it 2008, when the ceo's went to washington and anding for 50 billion i said don't give them the money . if they need help after the bankruptcy, then the government
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can help with guarantees and guarantees on warranties and so forth. the money and the support comes after they went through bankruptcy. what the obama people and the bush people did the same thing. started writing checks until i realized these companies need to go through managed bankruptcy. they were able to get their legs urnneath them and the companies are back and thriving. i laid out a plan not just the motor city of america. but motor city world governor, to follow up on that, there is a number of top leaders in michigan say you are wrong without the money up front which they couldn't get from private companies they would have gone through chapter 7 liquidation instead of the chapter sevenmanaged bankruptcy. the governor of michigan supports that the and so does the head of general motors who is a republican.
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>> we would have been in bankruptcy for years and i think you could have written off this company, this industry and this country. >> chris: they say without the government bailout chrysler and general motors might have gone under >> guest: they are simply not understanding what i wrote and believe and there is a lot of businesses in america that get in trouble. you have seen airlines go in bankruptcy and all sorts of businesses go in bankruptcy and they come out and are stronger. this is not the first time an industry or company is in trouble . don't start writing checks as they did for months. uaw said they can't go in bankruptcy and managed bankruptcy he was wrong. and i was right. they went in bankruptcy and after bankruptcy that was the time to getgive them financial support and guarantees to provide the help to get them out of bankruptcy. that's the way it would have
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been done best. and the result of the president's plan. we spent several billion . number one and number two, after the process was over. he gave a huge share to the uaw. that's not the way bankruptcy works . he paid off the people who supported him and trying to get him reelected. the right course would they go through bankruptcy and if they needed government help that would be geth them out of the bankruptcy and not billions. >> and your new economic plan. we'll go through the details . cut judged marginal tax rates by 20 percent. and no tax at all on capitol gains and difdeppeds for families making less than $200,000. and cut the corporate tax rate and entitlement reform raise the eligibility aid for medicare and
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social security. and smaller benefit increases for the wealthy. there is increases on the right and left. critics say they are playing the alabama class warfare . you are using the language of occupy wall street and making life more difficult and rules difficult for the top one percent. how do you respond to that . >> we have a progressive tax coat and they are significant tax reductions. and the reason i am talking about marginal tax reductions across the board is create incentives for small businesses for hiring again. i am not trying to say that one group or another gets a better deal. what i am trying to do is make sure under no circumstances is the middle class ending up with a larger share of the tax burden. it is essential for me as a guiding principle middle income americans don't get hit with a
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bigger share of the burden. i will make sure as we add it up. middle income americans are not getting a bigger burden. >> what about the arguments of the same class warfare. wall street general leliked your plan said it is the same old argument. reduce capitol gains for the middle class and not for the rich. i want to make sure we maintain the progress of the code. people who are most hurt by the obama economy is middle americans. i am not looking to change the deal we have right now with regards to people looking at their share of the tax burden, but looking to lower the marginal rate for all americans across the board . by doing that. 55 percent of america's workers work in businesses that are snot classic corporations but taxed in an individual rate. i want to get the rates down so
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we get american workers back to jobs again. and that's why the wall street liked it and wrote a positive editorial and people look at president obama's plan that calls on raising the rate and thal kill jobs and make it harder for the economy to reboot. i want to make sure to get across to the merp people i am cutting rates by 20 percent and i am not putting a bigger americans. >> take the argument from the left. they say if your plan as advisors say revenue neutral and means all of the taxes and cut the rates and add or eliminate deduction is not going to raise or lower the deficit. you get the deficit reduction through spending cuts. and five billion through 2016 . that ends up being a 40 percent cut in domestic programs and
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that means major cuts on the programs that the poor depend on the most. >> as i am sure you understand. the tax plan i described is consist ept with the tax plan of the president's own bipartisan commission came up with. the bowl-icismicism -icismson. >> he took a trillion of that morny and used it for deficit reduction and you don't. >> l. >> chris: he didn't but bowls-simpson did. >> guest: i take the tax rate down. people will get back to work and get more tax revenue and broaden the base for certain high income individuals and limit the deductions and exsemptions. and reduce for medicare and social security for folks down the road and not for current
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retirees. and eliminate poverty programs and send them back to the states where they are managed far more efficiently. this is an argument about president obama not cutting back on federal spend keep growing the deficit. that is a battle i will win. i am planning to depet it to zero and get the balanced budget and get the economy. this is a classic pitting of two filove see. do you believe in more government spending and larger deficit. that is what president obama stands for. that is a failed policy. >> chris: we only have a few minutes left. your unfavorables went up in the course of the campaign. back in october plus 11 . now minus 8. and i hear two major complaints.
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one that you are campaigning by attacking the rivals than saying what you are for. and the other is the continuing argument that you seem out of touch than the normal americans. there are two examples of that. >> the question is i misconception. >> guest: you and the questions and i give the questions. i driveway a mustang and pick up truck and ann drives a cadillac. >> chris: can you understand why voters would be put off by those things? >> guest: i can't be perfect. i just am who i am. and i can tell you this with regards of the cars, that was talked about last september and people and us what vehicles we own and we have a car in california . we have a car in boston. and so that's the way it is. if people think that there is
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something wrong for being successful they before the vote for the other i have been successful and i want to help use that success to help the american people. when i got in the race. other people have come and gone. and i have more votes than anybody in the race so far and the guy who has connected in new hampshire and in florida and nevada and we are on track to do well in michigan and arizona, i expect to get the nomination because i understand how the economy works. by virt virt -- virtue of my experience knows how to balance and get jobs and i have done it i will get america back on tracks. >> chris: governor, what is the biggest misconception. >> guest: that i am a guy that comes from massachusetts and i can't be conservative f. you
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look at my record. i balanced the budget and lowered taxes 19 times and enforce ilimmigration laws and stood up for traditional marriage and pro life governor and i am a solid conservative with the kind of prince -- principles that america nodes >> chris: thank you for joining us. we'll see what happens on tuesday night. >> guest: thank you, chris. >> chris: up next. governor mitch daniels on the presidential race and what needs to be done to get america working again. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
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>> chris: the nation's governors are in washington for the annual conference. we want to talk policy and politics with one of their leaders. indiana governor mitch daniels. welcome back to "fox news sunday" . >> guest: thank you, chris. 92 voters are growing less and not more satisfied with the field . i will put up statistics. gall up poll finds 55% of the republicans and republican leading independents wish someone else were come this is what former florida jeb bush. >> it is troubling when people appeal to fears and motion rather than getting them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective. question. are you troubled by the negativity and smallness of the race? >> guest: from time to time.
9:22 am
on both sides. the president is one of the main perpetrators of negative politicings. we wish it would subside some. i don't blame the candidates. >> chris: let mow and you another aspect of it. you have said republicans need to focus on the economy and debt and as you famous low said to call a truce on social issues . are you troubled when you see republicans spending so much time talking about contraception and planned parent hood. >> guest: they didn't start this, the president did with a intrusive liberty limiting decision they were anded to react to it answered the question. governor mitt romney talking about all of the right issues and ultimately that's where the election is decided. this economy is staggering and in weak shape it is it the
9:23 am
weakest recovery from a deep recession. fewest number of americans in the work force working today since the day of the stay at home mom. this is going to be ahoice and n the biggest issues and threats. >> are you impressed by mitt romney's economic plan? >> guest: i am encouraged and other candidates are talk being the right questions. how do we get the economy growing and stop killing growth as this administration does with every new action and threatened tax and so north. i think that things are headed in a direction that presents the american people with a good contrast and positive alternative. we'll have a few questions and then policy. is it too late for someone new to get in the race and push it to a contested convention in
9:24 am
august? >> guest: you are not anding the right guy. i am told it is not to late to file in a significant number of states as i technical matter. as a practical matter i don't think it is very likely. i don't know what it would lead to in >> chris: are there any circumstances mitch daniels gets in the race? >> guest: no, sir. i crossed that decision bridge. i am trying to help our eventual nominee. running for president is not what i thought about it. >> chris: if drafted you will run. >> guest: chris, you have crorfed these - covered these things . a lot of questions that are intriguing will be long forgotten and wolehave a debate
9:25 am
how to keep the country from going broke and restore the american dream and rebuild the middle class. >> chris: let's focus on that. gas prices are rising sharply back when barack obama took office. gas was 1.85 a gallon and now up to 3.70 a gallon. in your response to the president's speech. you blamed extremist policy by the president to domestic production and you said that was a pro poverty policy. the president talked about republicans. this is what he said. >> you can bet that since it is an election year they are dusting off the three-point plan for two dollar gas. step one is to drill and step two to drill and step three to keep drilling.
9:26 am
>> chris: the president said that the republicans are playing politics with gas prices and a lot of it is beyond the control of the president and domestic production is high. >> guest: one domestic policy works. he got higher prices and secretary chu said eight dollars would be . secretary salazar said 10 and still wouldn't be for drilling in the places where we know there is domestic production. they have the doubling of gas prices and perhaps worse is a conscious policy of the administration. one thing they accomplished. and let's face it. when you lock up vast tracts of land and lean against the shell oil. they have eight federal agency
9:27 am
clamoring the greatest break in the american economy. and you have environmental regulations that raise the price of refining gas and put our refineries out of business. you are going to get higher gas prices. >> chris: they say have opened up millions of acres. >> guest: no thanks to them . >> chris: this is the product of openings that happened of his predecessor. he talks about what he inherited. he inherited that policy. leases are cut in half and new drilling is cut by two-thirds. >> chris: talking about the economy. how strong it is and fast the recovery is. unemployment now down to 8.3 percent. lowest in three years and new claims for jobless benefits this
9:28 am
week hit a four-year low and consumer confidence at a one year high . is the economy getting better? >> guest: if the president is running on an economic success story he is headed for a rude sursurprise. this is employment rate fell below 64 percent . the lowest since the 70s and a lot of moms were staying at home. unemployment insurance claims may be down. but we have mutualed couple million people on the social security disability and that is a new form of permanent unemployment for a lot of people. this is not a pretty picture. we ought not candy coat it and we need a different mix of pro growth policy as i have said often until americans are working again and revenue to pay our bills and meet our death,
9:29 am
growth ought to trump everything else. >> chris: you signed a law making dine doin the 23rd right to work state in the country and means people don't have to join the union to get a specific job. what is wrong with unies? >> guest: nothing is wrong with unions. . right to bargain and organize collectively. i wouldn't be for it that is untouched. all it said the wrorker can decide whether it is worthlet dues or have that money themselves . >> chris: doesn't that necessarily weaken unions? certainly the unions think so? >> guest: there are higher rates of unionization in the right to work states than there is in indiana today. we knew it would bring more jobs to our state and that was my principle motive for doing it. and already the phone is ringing and we are about to stritestrike
9:30 am
agreement to put more hoosiers to work. >> chris: back in 2006, you opposed right to work as too divisive. and the unions say the wages will go down and work places will become more dangerous. >> guest: first of all, that is all bunk. facts be could not be more clear. safety is not affect wages and job growth are faster in the 22 right to work states than the 28 that didn't provide protection to workers. for 7 years. i never said i was opposed to right to work but succeed in the right to work. ultimately in the terrible national economy. i came to the conclusion that we needed to take this step if we were going to have the opportunity state we want to be. >> chris: governor daniels thank you for coming in and always
9:31 am
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>> there's no silver bullet to bring down gas prices over night. >> no single silver bullet. that is just wrong . defeating obama is the single
9:35 am
thing that would change. >> chris: the war of words over gas prices as president and newt gingrich point fingers for the recent pain at the pump. bill kristol of the weekly standard. and former democrat senator evan bayh . ed gillespie chairman of the republican state committee and fox news political analyst juan williams. the president made a speech on gas prices, bill not to announce new policy but say he is doing everything that he can and to hit republicans who are playing politics on this issue. how effective. >> it might have helped to muddy the waters. the gas prices are a damaging issue and the price that people see every week or twice a week in the pump. and in voters mind it correlates things going back. when have they surged in our adult life time? in the 70s.
9:36 am
in 2007 and 8. it is not just voters don't like paying 3.74 at the pump. but they have a sense that things will not go well if gas prices are rising too much. >> chris: senator. >> it is an issue people see every week in the pump. but this is an issue. >> chris: you are a hoosier from the state of indiana. >> we are finally getting our dues and thank you for that and we are a motoring state. this is important. but gas prices hit four dollars a gallon under president bush. >> chris: and the democrats hammered him there. >> gas prices fluctuate with presidents of both parties . the important thing to remember in the long run, trying to use the tensions in the midge midge. you can't do much. he is raising fuel economy
9:37 am
standards and diversifying supply away from petroleum. >> chris: how potent are high gas prices as a political issue in this campaign? and how persuasive. domestic oil production is highest. >> it hits people in the wallet and pocket book and people see it and it aggravates people and they see a correlation to his policy. in terms of key stone. and the pipe line he rejected and the drilling in the gulf of mexico is down 30 percent and drill nothing federal leases as a result of in the rocky mountains down 67 percent . stopped drilling off of the coast of the virginia even though the democrat senators support and and the republican governor. it is a drag on the economy and hinder what they are hoping to be a stronger recovery.
9:38 am
>> at the moment, it is it a modest impact on the economy and something gets lost here, even if we, the united states was to drill, drill and drill more, domestic oil production is part of a global oil production story. and you have more and more global oil production. but it is going to have limited impact in the terms of gas world wide because of what is going on in brazil and the threat of stability. those are the factors if the u.s. is producing more oil. it is not going down marketedly. it is that oil is marketed world wide . >> i want to pivot to another story . blow back in afghanistan from the reportedly accidentally burning of quurn -- korans. today it is reported that
9:39 am
operation's forces were wounded when afghan protestors threw grenades in northern afghanistan and that follows the killing of four u.s. military people including the assassination of two u.s. military advisors yesterday. and as a result all nato personnel are pulled out of government ministry. i will and you, bill, that i anded governor mitt romney. what does that say about the nature of the aliiance of afghanistan 10 in the war. >> it is not good. we visited some of the ministries where there were u.s. advisors and general john alen was proud and correctly so of how much we do with the afghans. it is going to be a tranition with afghan control without losing the war. we need advisors and make it work. it make its hard and it is depressing for those of us who
9:40 am
supported president bush and obama. 92 to pick up on that . is to stand up to the afghan military and police so we can get out. and still, we have afghan police and military using their weapons not against the taliban but against u.s. soldiers. >> it probably will. after all of these years, this is the thanks we get? it is a tragedy unfolding and remind us how feckless the leaders there are. and secondly. it is a fragmented society and unlikely to be a functional democracy any time soon. we need to define our national security and not a platform from being attacked and we'll be engaged in building is not going
9:41 am
to happen soon. they are not for that. >> what about another aspect of this. the president apologizing before the latest set of the killing he apologized the burning of the korans. he is trying to prevent more americans being killed but romney and newt gingrich hitting him. why are apologizing the afghans for burning books when they are killing soldiers. >> it is wrong for the burning of the books and violates the policy of the u.s. government. at the same time they were accidentally burned and now we have americans being deliberately killed. there is not a moral equivalency. and when the president treats it you attribute to the notion that
9:42 am
is morally equivalent. it is not. i think the president should have been strong in saying that but we are not going to tolerate americans -- americans being targeted here. >> juan in >> i think it was a pragmatic move but it is political when newt gingrich says it is an outrage. and mitt romney said the president goes around apologizing for america . it looks like a sign of weakness and it is tummy pragmatic. you want to make sure you protect the servicemen and women. the equivalency. i understand your point, ed. to me he did what was appropriate. >> and the problem is apologies are not working because the murders continues. what would a rick santorum win in mitt romney's home state of the mishy mish mean for the race for president. our panel weighs in after the break.
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still stocome the power player of the week. >> offering members big discounsels. >> we thought it was a strong path ahead. stay tuned our panel will be right back. ♪
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>> i think rick santorum voted for thing to talk one for the team. >> it is necessary to win. are you going to vote for someone you trust? >> chris: republican candidates mitt romney and rick santorum getting in more digs on the final weekend before the michigan primary and we are back with the panel. after another barage of negtuv ads and aggressive performance in the debate this week. mitt romney moved in a small lead in michigan and a bigger lead in arizona and where does the race stand now? and is it enough for mitt romney to win michigan or a sizable margin. it would have been enough by a sizable margin and a win will be
9:47 am
seen as turning things around given where rick santorum was. where we are in the primary is where we are intended to be. not have a race where it is easy to wrap up early . it is designed to go on. we had sprints on the republican side and designed to make it a race and now a mara thon before it is all over. it will be seen to come down increasingly to governor romney and senator santorum. >> the awarding of the delegates means, even if santorum doesn't win but comes close he can get delegates. >> there isine a way that mitt romney could get the pop pop vote and could get popular vote. >> we'll have a long republican race which is disconcerting to
9:48 am
the republicans. they see that the nominee, mitt romney is not doing that well in terms of independent voters. he is terrific at running negative ads and lots of money and the super pac supporting him and we can begin with rick perry and newt gingrich and now santorum. but it comes at a cost in the general election where you are trying to win independent voters. in hiss hiss and women his numbers fall through the floor. >> chris: let me turn to another aspect. romney unveil would a head line. 20 percent cut across the board in marginal tax rates. does that help to satisfy conservatives that kept saying that mitt romney is running on his biography and not ideas.
9:49 am
>> it helps. you cut tax rates and conservative hearts go pity pat and mine, does, too. >> chris: there is a heart there. i >> it is indictative of the problems of mitt romney. it is it big ideas versus incremental changes. cutting the current tax code is 20 percent. it is just lower. and it is more of a market than governor romney. and there are risks, too. but there is it a political market for big change and big reform and big ideas and the sense that the system is broken on the spending and entitlement and tax side . the way in which mitt romney portrays his plan doesn't show that urgeency >> chris: in the interview with romney. i talked about the criticism from the right that he's using the class warfare argument and
9:50 am
not using it and playing into it. and he's not going to treat the top one percent the same as the middle class. i am most concerned about the middle class and i am not going to lower or eliminate the capitol gain or dividend tax for people making over 200,000 a year. people on the right are upset . he is banking on the general election that saying i am champion of the middle class will be effective. >> he doesn't want to make himself vulnerable that he's favoring the top percent and versus the 99. and it plays in a stereo type with regard of the cadillac. he is trying to avoid being afluent candidate. you have a weak front runner. this is his homitate and he's barely getting 40 percent. he's not resonating with the
9:51 am
base of the republican party. and if he does more than win ugly and he has to come up with a broader message and be a messenger for that. >> chris: you don't think that the 20 percent did that. >> bill noticed and the wall street editorial page . you can put a gun to the head of the people in michigan and no one will tell you the specifics of romney's economic plan. is this machine who is a leader with big idea try to lead the country in a big direction . god love him. he hasn't communicated that yet. >> chris: what about the others in the race. let's assume that the polls hold yup romney wins michigan and santorum finishes a strong second; what kind much staying power does santorum have and maybe it is it a two-man race. are you saying newt gingrich is on the sideline now? >> he is now.
9:52 am
he's not playing in michigan. i understand. but the question is his bet is super tuesday and representing georgia and the south. one of the things in this election year, toss all conventional wisdom out of the window. that is it probably his last stand, and that is his own campaign's approach. but i do believe it will be romney and santorum from here through probably april. >> juan, is that what it sees. >> i keep damaging my credibility. i thought newt gingrich has been done several times and he came back and prove me wrong . i am going to say gop intensity is with santorum right now. and so that is where i would look. >> chris: i am with you. no predictions.
9:53 am
thanks, panel. see you next week. and our group will pick up with the discussion on our web site at "fox news sunday". and we'll most the video. follow us on twitter on "fox news sunday". up next. our power player of the week. u . i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪
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>>by now it is cliche. the internet tais worth billions. each time it is something of a shock. this is our power player of the
9:55 am
week. amazon is where you go when you want things to show up in two days and facebook where your friends will do. there will be an answer to the local. >> 30 year old tim is co-founder and ceo of living social. a deals web site that offers members big discounts in local businesses. they can save up to 70 percent on restaurants and spas and stores. the businesses get new customers. >> the yellow pages was not cutting it. and people are coming through the doors and we put those things together and we thought there was a strong path ahead. >> groupon. >> it is the biggest coupon web site. living social has built a business. since 2009, 60 million members in 25 countries have bought 63 million coupons. >> there is a competitive
9:56 am
aspect. when history is written something that looks more like ebay and amazon. >> living social is branching out and offering members adventure. we might do something called white water rafting and beer tasting. take you through a rafting experience and brewery and drop you back off in the city. and opened a clubhouse in washington where they offer two hour paving class and a cooking class with a top local chef. >> we'll chop up the carrots. he showed us the 5,000, employees putting together. and people e-mail figuring out contract sexiness associated with thentious vent and a lot of labor that goes in to get it there. there were 700 coupons on the
9:57 am
web last year and 170 shut down. and in november groupon raised value at more than 13 billion dollars. >> if group on is worth 13 billion what is living social? >> without the market to tell you what it is. it is a good question. how much do you want to buy shares for? they used to buy candy in bulk and sell it for local playgrounds. >> triple or quadruple the price. there is a lot of efficienciys out of that. >> and where do you think you got the pren perennial bug. >> he would check out player's performances and decide who was a bargain. >> all of those types of characteristics are part of the my din din and it is it a lot of fun to turn that into a career. >> building a business he thinks makes life in the big city nicer. >> people want to feel connected
9:58 am
to their cities and we'll do that and do that right. that will be a fantastic business. >> in case you are wondering when living social cells a coupon and a $20 meal for 10. they give the rest to the local business and hopes that it picks up a new customer. now this program note. next sunday we'll have a brew with rick santorum just before super tuesday. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday".
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